Warm your career prospects in a hot recruiting sector

Which sectors are best for Recruiters on the move?

You’re a Recruitment Consultant who would like a career shift into recruiting for a new sector. We asked four leading senior recruiters which sector might offer the best opportunities at the moment.

Jenna Alexander [square]

Jenna Alexander, head of internal recruitment, Hays UK & Ireland:

“The highest demand recently has been for recruiters in financial markets and IT but all our sectors offer opportunities for experienced and aspiring recruiters to develop their expertise.” 



Tara Lescott

Tara Lescott, managing director, Recruiter Republic:

“Across the South East, London, East of England and Midlands we are seeing key areas of opportunity for Recruiters of all levels, with each region having its own trends. 

“The agencies that had their markets hardest hit in the recession, such as Construction, Property and Engineering, are now all rapidly expanding partly due to increasingly favourable business levels but also as part of a strategic plan to gain market share.

“As so many Consultants in these markets moved into other recruitment sectors at the peak of the recession there just aren’t enough experienced Recruiters left to cover the roles available.

“Consultants in these fields probably have more options open to them than any other sector at the moment and we expect that trend to continue for some time.

“London is a major hotspot for this issue, and our London team that specialise purely in this market are flat-out dealing with the demand. While all agencies are expanding, it is the independent groups and boutiques that are currently more successful in securing talent due to their ability to tailor offers to each individual, offer wider scope for responsibility and geographical focus as well as more flexible working styles.”

Will Rees

Will Rees, senior recruitment consultant, Carlin Hall:

“Undoubtedly the sector we have seen the most growth in over the past 12 months has been Oil & Gas. Clients who have established business models have identified this as an area of strong growth and allocated significant investment into growing teams lead by experienced Oil & Gas recruiters. A number of our clients are willing to look at consultants with good billings in technical disciplines or those with technical degrees who have had success placing mid/senior tier professionals from other disciplines. Consultants who are able to work at pace but are often frustrated with small margins have seen the benefit of working with candidates that can command significant day rates and clients who are prepared to pay a premium for the best candidates.

“This is an industry sector that shows no signs of slowing down as it is a truly global sector that can be worked from any almost location and a consultant is less likely to feel the effects of an economic slowdown in their own region. I have no doubt it will continue to be an area of high activity and profit throughout 2014.”

Rachael Webb

Rachael Webb, managing director, Permanent Personnel:

“The number one sector for recruitment industry growth is Construction. The funding for ‘Help to Buy’ has seen an increase in demand from skilled tradesmen to senior management and vacancy levels have increased across the supply chain. Government infrastructure projects will see a planned investment of £375bn in energy, transport, communications and water projects, which is in addition to the post-recession growth expected.

“Other recruitment sectors tipped for rapid growth in the next 10 years are Financial Services, Healthcare, IT, Technical and Engineering. Each sector is key to the global economic recovery and our clients are reporting significant increase in vacancy demand across these areas.

“We have experienced an 80% increase in demand for Recruiters across these sectors since 2012, however, demand across all sectors for experienced Recruitment professionals remains consistently high.”

-- By DeeDee Doke and Vanessa Townsend

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