Discovering your essential values

Andro DonovanAt the heart of a truly fulfilling personal and business life there will always be a strong set of core values. The question is: Do you ever give yourself the time and permission to stop and ask yourself what matters to you?

Becoming more conscious of your values gives a strong sense of identity for you, your life and your career. If you have chosen a career that is a vehicle for generating money, but does not provide you with any personal satisfaction, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Values provide focus and direction for (in this instance) financial success and give your desires more meaning.

So what about you? Let me ask you again: How do you feel about getting connected to your true values so that you can live a life that will make you happy and fulfilled?

I warn you, this process can be life changing. You may change your business, re-evaluate your friendships and find your soul mate, take better care of your health and show more affection to those around your. Ultimately, it will be your choice. With values comes choice. With choice comes change. And with change comes growth.

What are your values?

What drives most people is a yearning to improve the quality of their lives while at the same time remaining true to themselves. Becoming conscious of what fundamentally drives you is not always obvious. While you are busy running on the treadmill of life, you will undoubtedly miss and potentially suppress those hidden drivers that are a powerful force within you.

Connecting to your deepest values, the ones you hold most dear, will give you the renewed energy, motivation and impetus to live your life more fully.

Consider the following questions:

What is my life’s purpose?

What is my unique contribution?

What will I be remembered for?

What makes me feel alive and vital on this planet?

These four questions will be answered over the course of the book, starting from the position of values.

While answering these questions you will inadvertently start to connect to what is important to you, the quality or essence you can’t live without. Although you may have been hitherto unaware of these hidden drivers, not knowing them can be – in the worse case scenario – a contributing factor to an over sense of meaninglessness.

Many people tend to chase goals only to find that when they achieve them there is a strong sense of anticlimax. When this happens, they get a fleeting moment of happiness and joy that is rapidly followed by ‘what’s the next question?’ Living a life that is disconnected from your values may lead you to pursue goals that will not ultimately satisfy nor nourish you longer term.

Connecting to your core values and activating them in your day-to-day life is the fastest way to feel nourished and the most motivating and direct route to personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

Values act like a compass and guide you towards your life’s true north. Values are your pure essence – that which is you and your essential self. Knowing your values and acting in accordance with them provides focus and direction in the choices you make, the roles you take on, the job you choose and the way you use your leisure time.

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Have you chosen a career for generating money, but does not provide you with any personal satisfaction, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Andro Donovan explains... Recruiter Jobs Extract taken from Motivate Yourself – Get the life you want, find purpose and achieve fulfilment by Andro Donovan, published by Capstone, A Wiley Brand.

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