Hiring tighten in construction, engineering and healthcare

An increasing number of candidates were looking for recruitment roles within the construction, engineering, and healthcare sectors throughout the week of 16-22 June, even though hiring intentions in these sectors tightened, according to figures from Recruiter Jobs, the jobs and careers board for Recruiter magazine and recruiter.co.uk

Across the week, construction experienced a 5% decline in live vacancies, even though there was a 39% increase in users searching for roles within the sector, and an 8% increase in job applications.

Richard Ewing, operations director, construction & technical at multi-sector recruiter Meridian Business Support said that vacancies across the construction sector have “increased”. However, he added there “remains a skill shortage and too few candidates to fill the roles”.

Engineering experienced an 11% decline in live jobs and a 20% decline in job applications. However, there was a 22% increase in the number of active users searching for jobs within this sector.

Finally, the healthcare sector experienced an 8% decline in live jobs, but an 11% increase in the number of active users, and a 2% increase in the number of job applications.

Tony Moss, managing director of Your World Healthcare, a specialist recruiter for allied healthcare workers said that current demand across all areas of the healthcare sector is “buoyant showing growth for both temp and permanent staff positions”.

Overall figures showed that even though these three sectors were experiencing a decline in live jobs, they were still the top three most popular sectors to work in, with construction commanding a 9.1% share, engineering an 8% share, and healthcare a 7.2% share of total vacancies.

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