How to write the perfect LinkedIn profile

As a recruiter, you may be very familiar with using LinkedIn as a research and sourcing tool for work. But as a job seeker, have you thought through how best to optimise and present your own profile? Follow our advice on creating the perfect LinkedIn profile for job seekers.   

A photo is vital

Although you wouldn’t include a photo in your CV, it’s crucial to put one in your LinkedIn profile as it significantly boosts engagement. Make sure you choose a head and shoulder shot. Pick a photo that shows a relaxed and natural smile. You want to find that right balance between not looking too formal or too casual.

Use a background image

Just like all websites, LinkedIn is primarily a visual experience. By including a background image you can give your profile more originality and character. You can choose an image related to your profession or completely abstract. Ensure that the image colours work well with your profile page. To create the right visual impact, you can edit and adjust the placement of your image.

Write in first person

It is better to write your CV in third person, however, your LinkedIn profile should be written in first person. Remember you are starting a one-to-one conversation with your reader so talk to them as if you are face-to-face. Write in short paragraphs instead of bullet points to replicate the way we speak more naturally.

Optimise your professional headline and summary

LinkedIn algorithms weight the professional headline and summary most heavily for profile searches, so make sure these are optimised for your job search. Replace the default professional headline with the most commonly understood industry name for your job title. Ensure you use the job title for your target roles in the summary and in the key skills section.

Request recommendations

Recommendations look fantastic on your LinkedIn profile and give it credibility. Aim for at least two from every recent employment. Many people will feel flattered to be asked to recommend you so don’t hold back. You can also use LinkedIn recommendations in your CV too because they are in the public domain.

Search for jobs

LinkedIn is a great tool for searching for available positions.  You can easily look for the job you are interested in applying for by selecting the ‘jobs’ option in the search field at the top and using key words commonly used for your role.

Keep your profile up-to-date

Ensure you keep your profile up-to-date and that it is consistent with your CV. As you know, LinkedIn is very likely to be the next place a potential employer will go to find out more about you after reading your CV.  So, double check your dates and job titles and that information is consistent between both.

This CV writing advice article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

CV Writers are the official partner to The Recruiter Jobs. In addition to a CV writing service, CV Writers can help with LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. They also publish Perfect CV, a CV writing toolkit with a series of how to write a CV videos, CV template and an editing and checking service.

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