Is it time to reshuffle your cabinet?

So it’s been an interesting period since 23 June to say the least! We have a new prime minister and a new cabinet. The DNA of the Conservative Party and our government has changed forever and yet underneath this is a foundation supposedly built on the traditional shared values of the Conservative Party – but somehow it all feels totally different.

Despite the worries about Brexit, a renewed energy and optimism seems to be growing because we do love it when people are confident and truly own their plan, and so far a lot of people feel happy that, finally, there is a plan.

The recent referendum, and subsequent fallout, has shown us that conflicting interests, opposing agendas and visions of glory without a supporting strategy can create total chaos. (If you don’t believe me, talk to Boris Johnson). But out of every implosion a new opportunity is born, as Theresa May has recently discovered.

Recent developments have proved there is always time for a new start, a reset, a reinvention of what went before. So how is your recruitment organisation structured today? Are your key stakeholders in sync with each other? Do you share the same vision? Do you have the right people in the right roles to get you to where you want to be? Are you and your people confident in your plan?

We are all so busy running day-to-day business and fire fighting the usual issues that we can sometimes neglect the thinking time we need to ensure our businesses are poised to deliver and take advantage of emerging opportunities. What recent events have taught us is that we must protect and cherish the good, and deal head-on with the bad. What is certain is that in the months ahead we will be faced with some definite challenges but also some great opportunities. Is your team fighting fit and ready for it? It’s time to review the following:


Forget how you have always done it. What does your business need now? Are the roles within your company structure necessary? Do they add real value and are they appropriate for the challenges ahead? Do you have the right people in the right role and focused on the right areas? If you need to move, add or remove people, then do it and do it quickly.


Do you even have a vision? If you do, is it shared by everyone on your team? Do they own their own vision within that? Take a stock check on this – can your team articulate the vision? Can they talk about it with passion? If not then revisit it, recommunicate it and invigorate your team with it. If you’re going to invest your time in only one thing it should be this.


We’ve all been here before. Those of us here today have survived a major recession. So restructure if needed, acquire the talent you need to take advantage of changing opportunities, reset your course and go for it. There will be bumps along the way for sure, but we’re recruiters – we do this every day. Out of every industry and role function out there, who better to deal with uncertainty, changing needs and commercial opportunities than we resilient recruiters?

Be brave, recruiters – we’ve got this!

By Tara Lescott

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