London the place to be for in-house recruitment roles

For recruiters looking to fill in-house recruiting roles across recruitment-to-recruitment (rec-to-rec) and human resource (HR)/personnel sectors, Greater London appears to be the location to look, with a rising number of vacancies recorded in the area the week of 19-25 May, according to the latest figures from Recruiter Jobs, the jobs and careers board for Recruiter magazine and

The number of in-house job seekers searching for rec-to-rec roles across Greater London increased by 23% through the week, whilst the number of candidates searching for in-house HR/personnel vacancies increased by 19.9% over the same period.

Additional encouraging signs for recruiters showed the percentage share of in-house recruiting roles in Greater London was also increasing, with rec-to-rec showing a 36.8% increase, and HR/personnel a 15.8% increase.

Julie O’Neill, joint managing director at rec-to-rec recruitment company McCall, told Recruiter that the interest in in-house is a “growth area” but there will always be “very few in-house roles, for a finite amount of hiring”.

“I would always liken it to a reception type of role,” she says. “Where by no matter how big or small the company, there is always going to be a small amount of people that deal with the in-house recruiting.”

For rec-to-rec roles, recruitment consultant (23%) and area/branch/sector manager (9.3%) were the second and third most searched for term and in terms of HR/personnel, the same roles were placed in second and third position, with recruitment consultant commanding a 17.2% share, and area/branch/sector manager a 11.5% share.

In total, the number of live jobs across the rec-to-rec industry stayed the same as the previous week, whilst the number of active users for the week declined by 9%. For HR/personnel, the number of live jobs increased by 4%, whilst the number of live vacancies also increased by 4%.

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