Which recruitment companies offer the best senior level development?

If you’re an experienced agency recruiter who wants to move up the career ladder, senior management development may be at the top of your wish list as you look for a new employer.  Recruitment industry experts tell us what recruitment companies currently offer in the way of senior-level development:

Tara Lescott

Tara Lescott, managing director, Recruiter Republic:  

“At Recruiter Republic we have seen a real increase in senior-level appointments, and in nearly all of these placements the candidate’s reason for moving has been to gain more opportunities for development – NOT rewards.

“The training and development of senior-level recruitment professionals that are new to management or board-level responsibilities is really varied across the UK.

“Many new Managers fail to recognise the change in tactics required when moving from a billing to a non-billing role, or an Ops Management role into a Board level appointment. The change of pace, communication style and day-to-day duties can be quite dramatic and many managers will fail – not through lack of talent but rather through lack of development and investment.

“Surprisingly, while companies invest heavily in development at trainee level but really struggle to maintain this level of commitment for their more senior employees. Companies that feel they need to invest more in this area should consider three key strategies:

1. The mentor model

2.  Non-sector specific management training (Chartered Institute of Management or Directors as examples)

3. Management-level training and consultancy from industry relevant companies.

“We are always happy to help senior-level candidates explore opportunities with companies that can offer more investment in this area or advise companies on training and development strategies.”

Jo Scott

Jo Scott, manager, Sharna Associates: “Within many SME [small-and-medium enterprise] businesses, the possibility of future directorship is often used a lure. Unfortunately, this ‘carrot dangling’ is also the cause of attrition at that level. Larger organisations can offer an excellent portfolio of benefits, tools and support which appeals, on the face of it, to many making a career decision at senior management level.

“What seems to be a common gripe for senior managers is lack of empowerment. Offering them the autonomy to make decisions and respond to managers’ and consultants’ needs without lengthy board approval processes would impact not only attraction but also attrition rates within the senior management tier.  Perhaps structured business management development / training (finance, strategy & HR training etc) could be offered make empowerment less of a risk?”

Denise Walker

Denise Walker, managing director and owner, Absolutely Business: “Leadership and management (L&M) development is big news in the recruitment industry right now, especially among SMEs. The reason is simple: it’s the growing awareness of the direct link between L&M and business growth. Get your L&M development right, and you will find yourself with fully engaged, effective teams, which will no doubt positively affect the bottom line.

“The ROI [return on investment] can be fantastic: I see from my own clients…they know exactly who are they are, where they are going, the type of people they want to have working in their businesses and how they can develop and keep them motivated throughout the journey. It also massively increases the fun factor and contributes to them being an employer of choice, so they can attract great people.”

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