Top tips on changing roles in the current climate

Are you a Recruitment Consultant who is looking for a change at work, perhaps after a few years in the same role at the same company? Does the idea of a new challenge really excite you?

If you’re thinking about a job move, consider the advice below from these top recruiters who specialise in recruiting the best recruiters for the best recruitment companies.

Here’s what they said when Recruiter Jobs asked them for their top tips on changing roles in the current climate:

Tara Lescott

Tara Lescott, Recruiter Republic:

“Once you have identified which companies match your goals, can offer you the development opportunities you desire and value your skills, you must get into ‘sales’ mode.

“Many Recruiters are seduced by the number of opportunities available in recruitment and can totally underprepare for, and misinterpret, the interview process. EVERY phone call, interview and meeting with a potential employer should be taken seriously. Each interaction is no different to a client meeting or call. Your approach should always be focused around your own agenda but all the while you should be selling why this company needs you!

“Throughout the process you should expect to be challenged and to handle objections, and as you navigate the subtle layers of questioning, rapport building and testing, you should be positive and professional at all times.

“Every company should be researched – including their team, their sector and performance. Leave every employer wanting to make you part of their team!”

Jo Scott

Jo Scott, Sharna Associates:

“The first thing to consider is why you want to move. What are your reasons and what do you want to achieve? Could you actually achieve it with your current business if you asked the right questions? Have a clear set of objectives, and tailor your search accordingly.

“If your end goal is to manage a region or a division, don’t be flattered by a high offer from a company that can’t offer that. Also remember that your needs and wants should reflect your offering to a business – sector knowledge, skillset, figures, etc. Your contribution, directly or indirectly, needs to be higher than your cost to the business.

“Finally, listen to your gut feeling – it’s often right.”

Clive Carlin

Clive Carlin, Carlin Hall:

“If I were a Recruitment Consultant looking to change roles in this current climate, the first thing I would do would be to register with a reputable and high-performing Recruitment-to-Recruitment (R2) company.

“Of course I am biased but it is the job of an R2R agency to make sure they have updated lists of relevant roles in the sectors they operate in as well as an excellent knowledge of their client base.

“Perhaps a friend or colleague can recommend someone to you. Alternatively check out Consultant recommendations on LinkedIn. The best R2R Recruitment Consultants today are those with a strong social media presence.“

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