UK and international job seekers on the decline

Recruiters looking to fill recruitment roles throughout the UK and on an international level experienced a rocky period at the end of last month, as the number of active job seekers and applications declined throughout May, according to the latest figures from Recruiter Jobs, the jobs and careers board for Recruiter magazine and

The total number of active job seekers fell by 1% from 11,345 in April, to 11,258 in May, whilst the total number of job applications fell by 7% from 1,144 in April, to 1,064 over the same time period.

However, Adam Powell, a consultant at UK and international rec-to-rec company, Recruit Global, disagreed. He told Recruiter there has been a “significant rise” in the number of candidates looking to re-locate and work abroad.

“On an international level, rec-to-rec is booming. In this modern age, more and more people are looking to enhance their CV by showing they can cut it somewhere that isn’t just the UK.”

He said that the skills someone is able to gain whilst working abroad can be “invaluable” to their future career prospects.

In terms of the types of roles available on the site, recruitment consultant was the most dominant, with 55.5% of available jobs, followed by senior consultant (17.5%) and area/branch/sector manager (7.5%).

However, in-house (37.2%) was the most popular role searched for by active users throughout May, followed by recruitment consultant (23%) and area/branch/sector manager (6.9%).

Sector wise, healthcare held the largest share of jobs available on the site at 7.5%, followed by construction (7.2%) and engineering (6.9%). The most popular sectors that applicants are searching for jobs in are recruitment-to-recruitment (7%), healthcare (6.8%) and human resources/personnel (6.8%).

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