What skills are needed to get into Recruitment from outside industries

Great recruitment consultants often join the industry after working in other professions. Recruiter editor DeeDee Doke asked leading experts in recruiting recruitment professionals what skills are needed to transfer from an outside industry into recruitment. Here’s what they had to say.

Clive Carlin

Clive Carlin, director, Carlin Hall:

“Candidates that come from ‘industry’ can often be successful in recruitment. They will normally bring with them insight and knowledge of doing the roles that they might find themselves recruiting for in the future as well as an ability to ‘talk the language’ of their candidate and client base.

“Sectors that lend themselves well to professionals making the move into recruitment include: Legal, Accountancy, HR, Procurement, Banking and Technology.

“Candidates also need to bring with them hunger, enthusiasm, ambition and confidence to develop business and build networks. Most professionals who have worked in a particular industry will have the foundation of understanding needed but the desire to succeed and resilience needed to be a successful recruitment professional are also fundamental.”

Robin Clarke

Robin Clarke, director, Vine Consulting:

“A lot of our clients are very keen to hire people from their industry because they bring immediate credibility for the consultancy to their clients and internally they bring a wealth of knowledge about their market which can take a recruiter a long time to build up. Our clients want people that can learn quickly about the workings of a recruitment desk especially if they are coming from outside of a sales-based role. Nine out of ten times the drive from the candidate to move into recruitment is a financial one which always goes down well with our clients.”

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