Mayday, mayday! Your recruiters are drowning

Leaders of recruitment firms large and small are repeatedly perplexed by the results of their businesses. They might be very profitable, they might be growing, they might have a great brand and a clutch of awards but many share the same issue: if the market is booming and major investment continues into IT, marketing and social media – why are today’s recruiters less productive than before?

When I started out as a trainee recruiter in 1998 the minimum expectation was to produce £10k per month. It was the barometer used by most recruitment businesses and on the whole this worked. Your top performers (£20k+ per month) were paying for the development time you needed for your trainees who weren’t billing yet and it all evened out nicely.

Remember those days? Nice and simple wasn’t it? Your key USP [unique selling proposition] was your candidate database. Today, our recruiters are swamped in data, from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to CV databases, recruitment databases and more. How do you streamline and use this data effectively? 

How do leaders gain visibility on what their teams are doing? The old database KPI [key performance indicator] search isn’t enough to offer a proper window into the day-to-day activity of a recruiter. And if managers and directors can’t analyse activity, it often results in a complete inability to offer the right advice and support. How can recruiters become effective, organised and productive?

There are some quick and easy ways to investigate whether your business is set up to operate at its best. If you identify issues in any of these areas, fix them and fix them quickly.

Review your CMS/recruitment software. 
(1) Can you source candidates from outside the database and import data easily?
(2) Can you identify candidates by location/role function/key skills/qualifications? 
(3) Can you easily contact candidates via the database (formatted emails, texts, mailshots)?
(4) Can your recruiters log key activities easily and are they visible?
(5) Can you manage a vacancy or candidate on your CMS and have total visibility on what your recruiter’s activities have been?
(6) Can you monitor your conversion ratios and predict your fee output? 

Understand social media management  
(1) Do you know your specific ‘go to’ sources of candidates?
(2) Do you have a platform to schedule, post and distribute social media posts across multiple platforms?
(3) Can you search for candidates effectively? Can you monitor your responses, messages and engagement levels?
(4) Do you have individual consultant level strategies, as well as company level accounts and strategies?

Your candidate market is now very similar to a consumer audience. They want to understand what your brand stands for and identify with it. They don’t just want to come to you to ‘buy’ something; they want tools, advice and help. They want this delivered via video and visuals. They want to make decisions based on REAL reviews and as we all know, peer-to-peer recommendation is the Holy Grail. How does your website stack up? If it’s an issue, fix it.

By Tara Lescott


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